Home is Where the Heart is...

Walking into Mitchell Simon & Company feels like you're visiting someone else's house. On any given day you can find vice president David Simon and his manager sister Linda chatting up customers while their children run the register and offer their two cents on everything from the finer points of a new piece of patio furniture to their favorite jungle gym.


Like everything else in their lives, the business has been an ongoing family affair that stretches back 75 years. What was once a simple grain and feed store has come to encompass the finer points of home and hearth: A roaring fire, a place to sit and watch the sunset, and the infinite promise of a summer backyard barbecue and all that it entails.


The Simons are a tight-knit bunch, who are not only invested in delivering the best household supplies and hardware possible, but also the kind of care and consideration you'd most likely receive from a close friend or a relative.


"Doting," admits Linda Simon with a laugh. "We're kind of big on that here."


While great service has certainly helped Mitchell Simon & Company establish itself as the go-to destination for everything from outdoor patios to high-tech basketball nets, it's really the family's intuitive sense of the "next big thing" that sets this store apart from the glossy mega-chains down the road.


"We're always looking at new trends and measuring them against what people's needs are," she explains. "Owning a home furnishings and hardware store means every day we're battling it out with larger brands across a extremely competitive landscape. But we're up for the challenge. Listening to the wants and needs of the community. Competitive pricing. Making sure our customers can find what they need locally -- even the littlest stuff like light bulbs. There aren't that many stores left where someone can walk in and the first thing the sales person asks is ‘How's your family?'"


In the simplest terms, the secret ingredient to Mitchell Simon & Company's success is the three generations of Simons themselves. The family, in the broadest sense, is deeply involved in the merchandising direction of the company. While such involvement is spirited at times, it is both constructive and productive.


"Our kids all have a say in what's here," says Simon. "They've grown up in the store. We've grown up in the store. This is as much our home-away-from-home as it is for all the people that have come through our doors over the years."



Mitchell Simon Co.
15 S. Dean St.
Englewood, NJ 07631